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I liked the premise of Unrequited. The story of militaristic vengeance sounds similar to the themes from Metal Gear series and other such tragedies and has a lot of potential for action.

Unrequited, however, feels like a rough episode largely due to the details of the script and the acting. Skinner character maintains more or less the same expression throughout the whole thing. This is his "concerned" face that dominates his role in X-Files as a whole. And whenever guest actors step in, it goes from bad to worse. The generals feel overly stiff and mechanical. The others just feel bland.

This was also a missed opportunity in terms of action. By this time X-Files should have had a decent enough budget to create quite a few explosions. The antagonist of the show is supposed to be a super trained special forces guy, yet all he does is walk around with a puny old pistol.

Moreover, there is a little backstory of many POWs left behind in enemy territory, yet not much is done with it. Another missed opportunity.

The X-Files Unrequited