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John Lee Roche makes a good serial children murderer with a calm, charismatic and creepy voice.

There is a problem straight away though. The story concentrates around the murder of several children and the search for Fox Mulder's long lost sister. However, from previous episodes we had already established that Mulder's sister was not kidnapped by a serial killer. Never mind the fact that the serial killer claims that he kidnapped the sister of the person who just happens to be the same person ho will later arrest the killer for other killings. So the show loses credibility when it tries to convince that agent Mulder allows himself to be played due to his willingness to believe.

Mulder is having realistic psychic dreams enabling him to find the victims, dreams which are never really explained. This, combined with the killer pretending to be the mad hatter is nicely intertwined into the idea that Mulder is not sure what is and what isn't true.

An OK episode if you disregard a number of previous X-Files episodes.

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