copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

Folie a Deux is a strange one. On paper it should be right about average. The special effects are low budget; some of the actors are irritating; the story is similar to some of the preceding episodes and the details in the storyline do not run smoothly. However, it manages to be profoundly eery.

The story centers around a worker who seems to be seeing a monster in someone when no one else does, which fact drives him to extreme measures. And there is something really creepy in the contrast throughout the show. It is the contrast of the people acting completely normal and friendly for the first half of the episode and then suddenly acting all evil in the second. The monster transformations you would normally expect to see are non-existent. The premise is that some people just see the monstrosity for what it is and others do not. Now this sounds like a budget cut, but the effect works and the sudden changes are creepy, with a good soundtrack as background for dynamic tension.

Even though the viewer understands what is going on, the show still manages to nail the portrayal of the clairvoyant employee as nothing more than a disgruntled worker who has mental issues and is terrorizing innocent people, again contributing to that creepy contrast that feels present throughout the episode.

The X-Files Folie a Deux