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People should try and watch this episode even if they don't like X-Files. It is like a hidden treasure. The X-Files series has had a habit of leaning towards different genres and this time it ventured into black comedy. The series also has had a reputation for occasional poor writing. Humbug, however, is one of the good ones.

Humbug acts a sort of a comical relief episode. It is one of the few episodes that made me want to watch it twice.

The plot centers around gruesome murders in a sideshow community. The jokes are hit and miss, but overall it's quite funny and adorable. And not only is it funny but smart too. There are no obvious plot holes and it is not clear who the killer is until the end.

Not much else to say other than this is one of the better things I've seen on TV/internet. Looks like the writer Darin Morgan had a stroke of genius, although everyone deserves the credit.

The X-Files Humbug