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Leonardo DiCaprio is just getting better and better. This guy is like an oil reservoir that that turns out to be bigger and bigger.

Leonardo plays Jordan Belfort, a stock market trader who becomes more and more corrupt as his debauched lifestyle is spiraling out of control and it is exceptionally enjoyable to watch this guy's depraved antics and listen to his commentary.

Leonardo definitely makes this movie, but the other players are pretty awesome too. The fat and skittish Jonah Hill is hilarious. Jon Bernthal wears an awesome mustache as one of Leonardo's criminal friends and he is not in the movie nearly enough. Margot Robbie who plays Leonadro's new wife is actually a good actress and there is depth to her character but it looks like the movie is well aware of what her role is in this movie: eye candy.

The writing is absolutely amazing both in terms of humour and the portraying of the selfishness and pride of the main character. The dialogue is pretty good but the humour is in the acting and the visual presentation rather than just jokes.

This movie looks good, in part due to all the sides of the rich life, including all the boobs, but also due to how the scenes are structured, the cuts and flash backs.

The crazy does get a little old. This movie has many inventive and fun looking scenes, but the over-saturated gang-bang drug-induced scenes get old after the third time you see them and lose their effect. Also, seeing how much drugs the main character takes, it is clear that this film takes creative license with the realities of drug abuse.

I do not have a whole lot to say about this film because I was having too much fun watching Leonardo Di'Caprio chew this movie to analyze the details. Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most entertaining films ever.

The Wolf of Wall Street