copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

Reaping is a small scale movie that sits on the edge between the genres of horror and thriller. It is not a masterpiece to remember but rather one of side-movies for Halloween, you know, the one you watch with your friends first at 7 pm as warm up for the star attraction.

The Reaping takes on the biblical plagues. This kind of "what if this happened today?" scenario calls for a good deal of special effects and an epic approach. Both are barely present. Everything has a very domestic feel to it and a plague like the frog shower consists of nothing more than a few frogs plopping down for a few seconds. Most deaths are too unimpressive. Whether the budget was not sufficient or there was some kind mismanagement or this meant to be this way, The Reaping doesn't quite meet the expectations.

Instead, the movie balances on a mix of satisfactory acting and directing. This doesn't come as a surprise with the cast being fairly experienced. This acting and the wish to find out where the story is going, for most part, what keeps the movie interesting.

The Reaping has way more hype around it than it has content, but as the movie picks off, there is no will to just push the stop button and do something else to take it out of the memory. It makes for a good warm up...unless you can't stand Christian stuff of course.

The Reaping