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Arnold is definitely here, guys, but "back" he is not. You can tell that he got older, not half-way through the movie, not here and there, no, from the 1st second he shows up on screen until the end of the movie. The voice has less power; the look is tired; the speech is more confused; the whole performance is flatter...or maybe I am like the rest of us and live a much more colorful memory of the past than reality presents me with.

The story it seems was made for Arnold - old cop with an active past has been living the quiet life but fate calls him back into action - yet he does not quite fit into this role. Perhaps this is because the 1st half of all the action is devoted to the other characters. Arnold participates in too many calm scenes and Arnold is not meant to hang around a calm scene for any longer than a few milliseconds, lest his flaws start becoming apparent.

It is not that the guy is not interesting at all, but there is a lack of energy around Arnold which made me strangely more interested in some of the side players than in him. Johnny Knoxville shows up and he plays...well, himself as usual, but he is refreshing, energetic and steals the attention when he is on the screen. He is a good comic relief.

The bad guys in particular are given a lot of power, style and screen time to show off both. Even though some of them don't speak or occupy the screen for too long they do not feel like faceless henchmen and are given different outfits, styles and distinguishable actions. The star of the show is played by Eduardo Noriega who wears his slick Latin suit very well. He may not win the "best villain of the year" award and we do not get more than the standard amount of backstory about him, but looking at this guy being in control of the situation while driving in a fast car with a hot woman on his side makes gives a feel of a computer game in which the player would play as the bad guy and not as the old lawmen like Arnold who try to stop him.

Speaking of lawmen, Forest Whitaker is here as an FBI agent but he takes a background role. When he is having his quiet moments he sounds a bit boring and when he is supposed to be aggressive he sounds false. Again, I am not sure if he is just having a bad day on the set or if this is my personal opinion of the guy's acting that is being stronger with time.

This is not a bad movie. If you like silly action movies, want something to watch but got nothing else in mind, this should occupy your brain for a little bit. It just feels a bit…local. It must be a warm up for another better movie with a bigger impact. This band is giving a local concert in front of friends to prepare for something more serious later on.

The Last Stand