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The recent political controversy regarding this film will be the only thing to keep it relevant a year from now. The interview spits Katy Perry references, in fact references to a song of hers that was charting back in 2010. It throws a bunch of Lord of the Rings references. "Haters gonna hate" is an actual line in this movie! I have not heard that meme in years. This movie already feels irrelevant at the time of its release.

The Interview is full of low-brow humour and lazy writing. Prepare for plenty of penis, barf and poop jokes, with a layer of boob and gay jokes on top. If they were at least good it would be acceptable, but while some of the humour works, most of it does not. Sometimes it is not even clear if something is a joke or if the movie just wants to gross you out. You are more likely to laugh at how stupid or suddenly violent something is than at how funny it is. This is a great movie to laugh at rather than with.

The story is that a guy who keeps running a trashy tabloid talk show wants to do more serious news and then he and his friend get offered an interview with the leader of North Korea, with the subsequent involvement of the US government. It is not a bad idea for a movie, and frankly, seeing it play out was interesting, although of course it plays out in a really stupid way.

Seth Rogen is OK, though not particularly funny. James Franco is the guy who keeps making ridiculous faces and poses. He is the gravitational centre of all the failed humour in this film. He is however also the more animated of the duo and the more entertaining. Together, these two guys do have good chemistry so there is that.

Having said all this, is this movie entertaining? Yes, it is. Even though it is dumb, there is something to be said for the entertainment value of laughing at how stupid something is. Some parts in this film did work and the bad parts were bad in an entertaining way. It is also a competently shot movie and has a sensible structure.

Because of this, the Interview is the kind of dumb movie that is good to watch with a bunch of your young friends, after several biers.

The Interview