copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

Ted's an odd movie, which is a good thing. Seth MacFarlane brings his style onto the big screen and it is a welcome refreshment. Unfortunately, it is not odd enough.

It feels like the script of the movie was written by two people. The one who wrote the funny stuff is good, although the jokes do have a Family Guy feel about them so if you do not find that funny then…you're wrong obviously. But then it is like there is a second guy who wrote the emotional part of the story and that guy is not as good. The really serious dialogue, that is mostly in the 2nd part of the film, can be terrible. Every now and then there was a line so cliché and bland that my brain could not believe that the makers were just going to leave it like that and I kept expecting a follow-up statement or a punchline of some sort from the character, but it never came. And it does not help that it is difficult to take anything seriously that involves a talking teddy bear.

It was also weird to feel like a psychic, as the plot was becoming increasingly predictable. As a whole, I would not call the plot to be stereotypical, in fact the concept is quite fresh, but in many parts it was easy to guess what was going to happen next.

That said, the actors do their job OK, Giovanni Ribisi especially awesome as the creepy villain; the movie is funny and for most part quite smart; and it has Mila Kunis in it.