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The dialogue sucks.

It has a ton of needless exposition and introduction. It is sometimes out of sync with what is going on, badly timed, odd, often nonsensical. Random example: there is a scene when the character Zulu is making a threat as part of his team’s plan and his colleague Leonard says, "Remind me never to p*ss you off". That sentence is not applicable here because Zulu is executing a plan Leonard is partaking in and you only say something like that when someone's action surprises you. That sort of odd conversation keeps breaking the immersion. I am surprised that so many people did not notice or did not have a problem with the wording in this movie considering how well received this film was.

The screenplay has a few arguably useless scenes, but the situation improves as the movie picks up pace. Oh, it very much has plot holes, but the film starts moving fast enough that you do not think about them too much. The best times are when the action kicks in. It is exciting and the new generation of computer effects look great, even when real items are placed against the computer generated ones, which in so many other movies makes the CGI look fake by contrast.

Some of the more distracting scenes in the movie are that ones that involve fan-pondering because it is unnecessary and just does not work. A good movie reference is dropped discretely, perhaps as part of the background, and not as whole phrases or scenes taken from the old Star Trek movies. That just fits awkwardly. Though If you haven't seen the old Star Trek movies, this probably won't bother you.

As for the actors, Chris Pine as main protagonist is super generic. Yes, he expresses emotions when he is supposed to, but it doesn't feel like he has a distinct character, not even the character that the exposition of the movie keeps insisting he has.

Simon Pegg makes for an excellent Scotty though. I am glad he gets a lot of screen time here. I am glad he gets any screen time any time - he is an entertaining dude.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch does an excellent Hannibal Lector impression as Khan. If only the stuff he had to say was a little smarter then he could have totally pulled it off. But again, the dialogue in this film was not very good. To compensate for that, Khan kicks ass physically. In fact, considering his coolness and considering his motivations, the movie does a bad job at making him appear evil. But I guess a good villain needs believable relatable motivations.

As for the females…it feels like they are mostly there for mandatory eye candy. At least the film knows its audience.

While the script is questionable, I do really like the art style and sound design of this film. The clean cool look of bright buildings and textured uniforms contrasts against the old stone and dark fiery destruction. Yes, there are too many lens flares, as many have already pointed out, but it fits the style of the film and they were not distracting to me.

In short, Into Darkness is good looking, has great action but the drama in between the action is lacking quality: a popcorn flick.

Star Trek Into Darkness