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This film has a very specific demographic in mind. You have to be about 16, a female and live in the 1980s. Every other demographic should be ashamed for liking this film.

Let us start with the...oh my, is there a lot wrong with this movie.

This film goes down the checklist of stereotypes and then persists to repeatedly smash them into the viewer's mind, perhaps hoping it will become funny eventually. There is a Chinese character in the film named Long Duk Dong and the movie insists to insert the sound of the gong when he is around. This movie may want to be 16 but is clearly 8.

Plot does not make sense. Characters do things because the scenes call for it and their actions and reactions bear few connections to reality.

The sometimes tolerable, but any good attempt at acting is spoiled by the writing. People in this film utter some of the most cliché and dumbest lines I have heard in a long while. On top of that you get poop jokes, underwear jokes, only top of the line stuff right here, people.

The music, oh the music we haven't covered yet. Let us not stay too long on that subject because it is the cheesiest 80s synth music.

Is it a complete wreck? No, it is sometimes funny. And it is a feel-good movie, because it is just brainless messing around. Also, it is only about an hour an a half long...Yes, I am clutching straws here, don't judge me.

This movie is an 8 year old boy or girl. Yes, it is mindless juvenile fun, but that is about all you can get out of it.

Sixteen Candles