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The Japanese sometimes have a peculiar style when it comes to acting. There is that expressionist delivery of lines present in many Japanese productions, anime in particular. In addition to that, the Japanese language is such that when you speak it at a conversational speed with any more pressure than usual, the effect of that pressure is much more extreme than with Western languages. There are a lot of "zh" and "sh" sounds getting mushed together. And in addition to that, older movies in general tend to suffer from overacting - a leftover from the theatrical era when it was actually necessary due to the distance between the performers and the viewers.

Perhaps as a result of all 3 of those factors, there is a lot of overacting in this film.

....a the extreme.

The good part is that despite of it, the film is still entertaining. It tells the tale of villagers hiring samurai for protection. You get a number of distinct characters.

Unfortunately, despite the movie being quite long, not all of the 7 samurai are given the same exposure and, as a result of that, only about 3 or 4 of them are memorable, which in turn means that when some of them inevitably die, you may not care.

Not much else to say about this one. The scenes are shot with competence. The story moves along in a sane matter and at a good pace. But all of that just makes a movie good, not great. I question its choice to be 3 hours long and having an intermission. I am not sure the film is as important as it thinks it is, though the rest of the world apparently agrees considering this film to be one of the best of all time.

Seven Samurai