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Sometimes you can't help but wonder whether what you experience while watching a movie is the same thing as what the makers intended it to be. Satan's Little Helper is a dark comedy and it is hard to figure out if it's supposed to be as ridiculous and stupid as it is.

A little boy is a fan of Satan's character as a result of playing a game. When he comes across someone dressed as Satan on Halloween, he parts with him, not realizing the reality of the damage they're about to unleash.

Just explaining the plot already makes me realize that many things could've been less stupid, more scary and more funny than they are.

The low budget is apparent from almost everything. The video has a show-look rather than a movie-look. The majority of actors are from B-grade to unknown. The murders are done with minimum gore, and the only really gory death looks really cheap.

As customary with most horror movies, this one is full of this-would-never-happen moments. If that's not off putting enough, the acting is really inappropriate. In situations where a normal person would scream and panic and run, the characters in Satan's Little Helper walk around engaging in mediocre dialogue with dead passion. There were a few moments where the music would not be present, even though the situation obviously called for it. Everything about this production is shaky.

Satan's Little Helper might be found by many to be in bad taste, but then again, the concept of a horror comedy asks for it to some some degree. Silly situations and stupid dialogue can be excused to some degree as well. The thing is, this movie pushed that degree a little too far, and in combination with other inexcusable factors, in the end, it's just not a very good movie. However, for many of us, a genre like black comedy is worth paying attention to whenever it's possible.  

Satan's Little Helper