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I am surprised less at the average score the internet gave this movie and more at the number of reviews given. The film features a cast of relatively known people and has a few innovative bits, yet the whole thing has faded into obscurity, not even getting its own cover on IMDb.

If you judge the plot from the description alone it appears to be rather boring and cheap. Some ex-navy seal is mixed in a bunch of interconnected conspiracies with FBI, CIA and hit men all involved. In practice however, the movie manages to keep the plot above the trash. The recurring theme is that of a game of chess where the main character whose surname happens to be Bishop, is taking part in the conspiracy game.

The acting by Mark and Carie-Anne are average. The script written for them should take most of the blame as it can get shallow and cheesy at times, not unexpected for this type of movie.

Nonetheless, there is a certain class that this movie has, which manages to keep it out of cheapness. The action is well paced and is not too aggressive or overabundant so that there is a feeling that some sort of chess game is going on and it is not just a sweaty guy throwing chess pieces around in dumb anger. At the same time it has a few memorable action scenes which have stayed with me all the way from childhood.

If you like action movies and have not seen this one, I suggest adding it to your checklist, although the only place I have been able to find it is on VHS and youtube...a shame considering the kind of garbage they still show on TV on occasion.