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This is the most tangible movie I have ever laid my eyes on. I could almost smell the crap from the latrines and the sweat-soaked clothes on the soldiers.

It also one of the most tense movies I have seen. It has a lot of quiet times when people are just waiting or walking around and those moments are no less extreme than the action filled ones.

The action....well it is not really what this movie is about and I have seen better but it is still quite good. You will get your load of explosions.

It is hard to talk about the story as there isn't really one. The movie is generally about people's characters coming out over the course of their time in the Vietnam war and the way those characters change, interact and clash.

To make that non-story story work, there is whole star cast. Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger are the two strongest roles. Some of the acting can be a little cheesy, but this was probably Tom's best role ever.

The only problem I have is with the main protagonist, Charlie Sheen. His acting and his narration feel forced. I am not surprised that he would later start playing in comedy spoofs of action movies because that is how a lot of his acting felt like in this one. I expected him to loose it and suddenly start laughing.

Platoon is one of the best if not the best war movies of all time.