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Now let us forget for a second the scene of one guy getting the defibrillator shock but the dead body of another guy convulsing from that shock or the tattoo of one guy appearing on the arm of another or that same tattoo disappearing from the skin later. This is X-Files - it can be forgiven. Each episode of X-Files gets...6 chances.

What messes this episode up are Chris Allport and Cec Verrell making their guest appearances as the baddies. It is not so much their acting but the cheesy roles and dialogue they are given to play. The other side characters and their texts only make things worse. The whole episode gets a B-movie tint.

But it also has a gritty 80's atmosphere, and apart from the body-switching motive, this is actually one of the more down-to-Earth FBI investigations of the series.

The body-switching premise could have been executed a little better though, both in terms of believability and fun. This is one of the more awkward episodes.

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