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I feel like the public got to see two different Waterworlds and no one knows about this. Is there some special director's cut version floating around that I should know about? I like this movie; my friends like this movie; the people on internet forums I talked to about it said they liked this movie; my mom likes this movie. Where are all these people who don't like it and what movie have they seen? Do they only exist on the 6th plain of the internet and feed on corrupt metadata? Anyway, Waterworld is a story about a post-apocalyptic world where the water levels rose dramatically and there is one girl that may hold a key to a "solution". In simpler terms, it is Mad Max 2 but on water. The story is interesting, even if a bit simple.

It has awesome atmosphere though - arguably what this movie is all about. The feeling of drought and general lack of supplies in a waterworld is well transferred to the viewer. It shows how everyone except Kevin Costner's character does not belong in this new world and supports why, despite having adapted to survive, everybody desperately wants to get out.

Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper really make this movie work, the latter as the bad guy is especially entertaining to watch. The relationship between the various characters is also really good. The girls that require Kevin's protection had a good albeit odd chemistry with him.

Does it have a few stupid moments? Well, that is like asking whether or not it is an action movie. Yes, yes it is. But it has good pacing, good funny moments, good human moments, good acting, great atmosphere and it just generally a well-rounded action-adventure movie. It should sit right next to Jurassic Part and Mad Max.

Great fun flick.