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In case you do not know, New Kids are a miniseries of short clips about an asocial group of Dutch hillbilly stereotypes living in Southern Netherlands. These miniseries contain quick low-brow humour that doesn't care whom it offends, will not stop before any subject and doesn't take itself serious. Quite refreshing and well done actually.

Now, New Kids popularity brought it onto the big screen, where it pretends to be a movie, but is basically the same miniseries as were shown on TV, just tied together with incoherent story bits to form a length of a movie.

It is like the young writers and producers came to the director and said "We want to do an explosion. We also want to do this and this because the Dutch will find it funny, and we want to do this because our friend here took a bet that we wouldn't have the guts to show this on TV, and also we always wanted to do this so.....yeah...go and pull it all together in a movie. Good luck". Subsiquently, the story unwinds itself half way through the movie, a sacrifice needed to fit in all the other stuff these "Kids" wanted to do on national television.

It is still funny to see the "sjonnie" stereotypes - the actors do a good job here. Some of the jokes are pretty good, even if simple and some of the scenes show signs of intelligence. However, the movie is not as funny as it pretends to be. In fact, the outtakes shown during the credits may get more laughs than the actual movie.

Overall, for a Dutch person the movie is worth seeing, even if just to be able to say that he/she did. For an objective entity looking at this film from the side, there will not be that much to praise. At least compared to the other generic stuff seen on TV, this will be something different.

New Kids Turbo