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I have never seen a concert film before. After watching Through the Never I am not sure whether that statement remains true or not. I have seen snippets of what concerts videos are like and it seems like they are usually just that: videos of concerts shot from different angles. Perhaps a lazy overlay is thrown in every now and then but that's it. Through the Never on the other hand combines an awesome stage performance with a little story, like one very long awesome music video. I think Michael Jackson's Thriller lost its trophy for...whatever that was.

Even when it came to the scenes of the concert itself I was not sure how much of it was real. Wikipedia says that Through the Never uses concert footage from a set of concerts Metallica held in Vancouver. If so, those concerts must have been the most amazing concerts ever. The stage and light effects are breathtakingly good.

The use of special effects was especially nice. They were not overused; there was just enough for a few cool scenes. Even though this is a concert film, I feel like this is the amount and quality of special effects that should be used in mainstream movies. Some people from Hollywood should be taking notes.

The sound was particularly good. You would think good sounds should be the norm for something like this, but a live recording is often just a washed out incoherent version of the studio recording, but just like in their S&M live album, the "live" music in Through the Never is of great quality and the heavy bass of the distorted guitars is Godly. I do not know if that means the music was simply recorded in a studio and then played against the stage video and frankly I do not care - it's just really good.

Sadly, no new songs. I am not such a Metallica aficionado that I know their every song, but everything sounded familiar.

If you like Metallica or even just Heavy Metal then I think this is worth seeing. But this is a concert with little movie in the background and not a movie with a little Metallica in the background, so you should be expecting an actual movie, that is all.

Metallica Through the Never