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No, seriously, I know how many common people will tend to use an unprofessional "the worst" or "the best" when reviewing something. I never exaggerate like that, but in this case I can really not find a movie in my memory that I've seen that was worse than this one. I can't stop from using the unprofessional "I" perspective either, since this special movies requires a special kind of review. I could try an list all the negative things about the movie here, but the thought of me having to think about this movie for that long makes me reach for the gun. So let's be brief.

Megiddo seems to be a home-made attempt by some 60-year-old Christian conservative to create a patriotic movie. Although the concept itself might discourage masses to see this thing, the movie even fails to be what it's supposed to...miserably.

The plot is basically this: Europe and the neighbors become united under the command of the devil, who plans to take over the world. God showers the Earth with rocks while the US stands alone against the world with its super-president dressed in black leading the fight against the devil. Does that make sense? If it does (and you are as messed up as I thought), it's where the sense ends. The details of the storyline are much more appalling.

Actor choice wasn't bad. Michael York does his work as the bad guy, but in all his demonic power, he can't save this flick. The rest of the actors are just trying to make long working hours, and York isn't innocent of that either.

Special effects and camera work are surprisingly good at times, and absolutely TERRIBLE the rest of the time. It's as if the effects were done by two different teams.

I wish to speak of this no longer and I will try to pray away the shame and sin of having seen this movie, although after seeing it, the devil and God suddenly don't seem as cool, powerful or scary anymore. I beg you to never go and see this movie unless you're loaded on painkillers or like to practice masochism.

Megiddo: The Omega Code 2