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This movie really needs a better title. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang makes it sounds like a cheesy badly acted action movie. Something I would expect Milla Jovovich to star in. However, contrary to my expectations, this one is pretty damn good!

This dark comedy has an…interesting style. It starts out with events that follow one another with almost no connection but more and more connections are made as the movie progresses, which is not only the movie's style is also part of the plot. It is fast paced and flows very well. The experience of watching this film is akin to a ride down a water slide while listening to a comedian.

Have to admit, I am surprised at how dark the jokes were. I always thought people are touchy about things like murder jokes, but I guess the film is too well put together and funny to bother anyone (as the generally positive reception suggests).

Having said that, in its haste, the film does take a few missteps with its tone. There is at least one really bad event that happens to one of the main characters, and yet moments after that event, the person is joking around as the movie decides it's time for another punch line. That sort of stark mood change keeps returning throughout the film and it feels contrived. But then again, it fits the chaotic style of the film.

The story is not that important anyway because this film is constructed upon actor performances, and luckily, Robert Downey Junior is an even more charismatic actor than his more recent successes had lead me to believe. He is fast on his delivery and fits perfectly with the pace of the film. Val Kilmer, who partners up with him for this flick, has had his bad roles and his good roles. This is definitely one of the good ones. It is very much the tragic yet charismatic character that I see him play in other films but he and Robert have relatively good chemistry.

So there is a bit too much contrast in the mood and the story is a bit all over the place, requiring attention for the viewer to keep up, but the actors are adorable and the film is funny. What else do you want?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang