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This film has become part of my life in a rather unexpected way. When I was first watching it I did not even notice the musical score. It was part of the background and I wasn't trying to listen to it for the sake of review. Perhaps not being noticeable is already a sign of a good soundtrack. A really good soundtrack you do notice, like Ennio Morricone's work, but you also notice a bad soundtrack or one that does not fit what happens on screen. Having rewatched parts of the movie recently and having paid more attention to the music I actually noticed bits of soundtrack being rehashed and glued together in an awkward way, but not too noticeable.

Whatever the music's quality is as a soundtrack for this film, what matters is that after I came across it later, without the film attached to it, it has become a permanent addition to my mp3 player. There is a good variety in the soundtrack, in its character and pacing, and all of it sounds epic and emotional, especially the track "Woad to Ruin". I've come up with whole stories in my head while listening to it (and they were better than this movie I think). This is simply one of the best soundtracks of all time, though the averageness of the movie may end up burying it in obscureness.

There is another reason for noticing this film. There is a gentleman here who plays the leader of Saxons, a Sweedish actor by the name of Stellan Skarsgård. This guy is awesome! His acting is subdued, too subdued perhaps as the director makes him whisper a lot, but there is something regal and menacing about his delivery. His spoken lines are few, but great and meaningful. I wish this guy was in the film more. He is only in about 5 scenes. Someone needs to make a movie about this guy!

Everything else about this film reeks with averageness. Well…it looks good, there are some cool scenes, in the background, but these scenes are cool when taken separately. They are cool like a technical cinematographic demo, but the movie as a whole lacks punch. The dialogue is not natural. The characters lack definition, despite being given different looking outfits and haircuts. This attempt at a realistic historical portrayal of king Arthur's legend is unfortunately very low-key and bland.

So it is a question whether the effect this film had upon my life, the discovery of an interesting actor and a great soundtrack that has been serving as a source of inspiration for a long time, can be counted towards the score that this movie on its own would deserve. To add to that deliberation, there is supposedly also a director's cut of this film that's a better's a shame.

King Arthur