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This is going to be a short one because this movie does not deserve a long one.

This movie is like a bad episode from the show, and if it was just one of the episodes from early in the show, it would have no doubt received higher ratings.

But it is a friggin return of the X-Files as full featured movie. This movie should have reached a new level of epic or answered some burning unanswered question from the show or...Man, we could sit here and deliberate for 10 minutes and probably come up with a better plot for this movie than the one these guys came up with in all those years! Are we going to get a new chapter in the world wide alien conspiracy? No, we are getting a psychic priest played by Billy Connolly which is somehow connected to a couple of criminals...something or other.

This movie is like an deer that has been shot and, in 2008, has had a leg twitch as the last saddening sign of its life.

The movie is shot well, but not in any particularly notable manner. Nothing really is striking about it except for its nonsensical and provincial plot.

The X Files: I Want to Believe