copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

I was interested because the description in one or another source stated this was a comedy and with Collin Farrel I saw that having food potential. In Bruges turned out to be an interesting production indeed, but it sure did not turn out to be a comedy. A layer of occasional irony only overlays the localized slow paced grunge of troubled minds stuck in the cold grey Bruges and their relationship.

The film successfully manages to turn an otherwise slow and uneventful setting into an interesting and, in today's Hollywood infected world, a refreshing play, basing itself largely on the interaction between the few players who star in it, more than on the story or anything else. It's little gloomy quirks and twists make it a memorable movie, still mentioned in the office years after its release, but don't expect a "hitman" movie going into it, as it is nothing like it.

In Bruges