copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

I am legend is a new look at and apocalyptic epidemic. In the sense of the plot it most closely resembles the still fresh in memory flick: 28 Days Later. In the sense of the quality of the execution it is far better than anything of its kind.

The story follows Robert, a scientist who is, apparently, the only human who remained unaffected by a horrible pandemic that slithered across the world a few years ago. Robert attempts to survive, and at the same time, do something about the situation.

I Am Legend is one of those movies that can serve as the learning material for young directors. It's a masterpiece in its original sense: a professional product that incorporates the best of each acquired skill.

It starts with Will Smith, who is the first sign of the high aim of this production. Since throughout about 90% of the movie the attention is centered on one man, it makes sense to pick carefully, and Will does deliver.

The picture is nicely built. Transitions, like the ones with flashbacks, are particularly notable. There are moments when the camera follows the character around and shakes naturally; there are special angles and zoom-ins.

Special effects are used but not abused. The abandoned city, monsters and explosions are there in the necessary amount and give the movie a distinct flavor.

The sound is one of the most notable things about the movie. It plays a large role in scene transitions and the music really pumps up the excitement of each scene.

I Am Legend is a must see, as an important moment in filming history. It's not quite epic, but it's something that works in every aspect.

I Am Legend