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Either the directors or the script writers must've been high when they were creating this one. I wish to be able to fill the ten lines that are required for submitting a review, but after that first line, anything else seems to be redundant.

Throughout the movie one has to mentally ask himself "what?" several times. Perhaps if you put the story on paper it wouldn't read too bad, but the execution thereof seems to be a little trickier. A question arises whether some scenes and lines were really necessary. Surely there's something more useful to be said and shown at that time. The plot is not hard to understand but nonetheless twisty, and at every turn the inertia wants you to go one way, but the movie has already decided to go the other. Because of all these turns even the acting of the high rollers comes under strain.

Perhaps it would have been wise to split the movie in two and make two separate parts, with the first one only concentrating on Hancock's journey from a bum to a superhero. It would've been a good movie and much easier to stomach.

In any case, what no one can take away from Hancock is that it's a fresh drink of water in the long line of cliché superhero formulas. It's hard to predict what happens next. And with that freshness you still get a good amount of laughs and special effects.

EDIT: In 2014 I am reading my own review of this movie and I do not remember seeing the movie. just the trailer. I do not recall a single thing that was not in the trailer. Not a single shot.