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Is this movie memorable? Apart from the flaming scull, no. Is it a great movie? No. Was Underworld a great movie? Not really, no. Was Resident Evil? No. They are not bad movies, but they are no works of art either. They are quick dark superhero B-movies meant to appeal to the emo 13 year-old boys of the new generation, so I do not think it is fair to hold Ghost Rider to a different standard.

The main issues with the movie are:

1. A weak villain. Wes Bentley was not bad but he was more like a villain's henchman rather than the villain himself.

2. Nicolas Cage's acting did not fit the movie. He played it straight. He was acting a poor tormented man, taking his stuff way too seriously. Why would the makers go with that approach? The premise of the movie clearly required goofiness, which Cage could have totally provided. That is what you hire the guy for and yet his potential was not used.

3. The story...I can't remember any of it. The script as a whole was a bit of a mess. Something about the deal with the devil and the flaming scull. That is all.

But the movie also has a few good things in it:

1. The Ghost Rider. The action parts with the Ghost Rider were a lot of fun. He looks great. I never got tired of that flaming skeleton on a bike. Yes, of course it's just CGI, but it still looked awesome. There was a scene where he rides on the side of a building. It was ridiculous and great. I generally just liked the the art in this movie.

2. The sound design. The roaring engine of the bike, the dark music, the metal chain smacking around. I really liked the cling clang sound mood that this movie had.

All in all, I do not know what people expected this would be. It's a B action movie with little to no story in it. Just go with it.

Ghost Rider