copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

I cannot for the life of me understand that this movie has been so positively received by both critics and the general public. Wha...What?!

Either I saw a different film or I missed something important while watching it because what I saw was the very essence of a bad modern action movie.

Let us start with the plot: In the future feelings are illegal. ....................... Turn this s**t off. Right now, you can just turn it off right there. What else do you need to know? How can anyone in their right mind still proceed to watch something when the main idea for the plot is so insultingly stupid and unreal? Here is a better one I just came up with: in the future all people only have one leg and must touch a pickle every 24 hours with their left index finger in order to survive. Who keeps coming up with this stuff? Does someone get paid for it? Can I join in on the scam?

Look, the more real something is the more you can relate to it. Science fiction movies employ science and plausible characters to transport the audience into the future. How can you believe a single thing shown on the screen with something like this as the back story?

I bet the actors were happy with the stupid premise though, because it means they can all be emotionless, you know, because that is why we the public pay them large amounts of money, to watch the same kind of performance that your random uncle could give if he taped himself.

If you managed to get passed this then what you get is a cheap rip-off of the Matrix, mostly a stylistic rip-off but the story is not that different either if you think about it. The protagonists are wearing the jackets from Matrix Reloaded for fuck sakes! Their weapons? Giant Desert Eagles with a pointy end. We just went from a budget Matrix rip-off to to a Pamela Anderson action movie.

There is not much more to be told about the plot or the characters because...honestly because I can hardly remember anything and I fear that if I try hard enough then I will just remember more painfully dumb and plot points that I so successfully repressed.

Visually the movie is style over substance and a simplistic style at that. The sets looks cheap, minimalistic and dark. At other times, we are treated to the your-10-year-old-son-made-these computer effects. First the characters are wearing black, but then the protagonists has a change of heart and starts wearing white. Oh, what is this complicated symbolism you are trying to communicate to me?! Oh, the artistic visuals!

But wait, the most priceless is the action itself. The characters are fighting with no no, I don't mean "fighting" as in "wage war", I mean they are physically dancing around in hand to hand combat while shooting their pistols, making 180 degree turns like they are doing ballet. And when they stop doing that, they will take out their katana swords....because that is cool, right?...What else is on the Matrix checklist that we haven’t covered?

If you like the idea of pistol fighting with desert eagles and katanas in a futuristic setting…well then you are 8. And in that case this movie is fine for you. If you liked this movie while you were intoxicated that is also acceptable.

This film is very typical bad action movie of the first decade's. It is like an 80s action flick but with none of the charm to compensate for the poor quality and with shitty special effects to replace realistic props.