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Dredd is supposed to be the good version of the Judge Dredd comic book hero, with the bad version being the Stallone's Judge Dredd from 1995. And it is good. It is true to the comic book, it is well shot, well-acted (Karl Urban in the main role). It has a cool action scene with a minigun doing some serious damage. It is quite violent. There is no standard romantic interest to speak of.

The thing is, it lacks any charm. The Stallone movie was childish and cheesy but I have a fond memory of it. It was somewhat funny and charismatic. It was bad in a good way. Dredd on the other hand does not have any of that charisma. It is just a dreary professional action movie and it does not leave behind a wish to watch it again. You will pass it by when choosing movies for a movie night and say "Oh, I remember that, that was a good movie" and then continue browsing. It is ok though, worth a watch.