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Cube is something odd. You can say different things about it, but one thing for sure, it is different from other horror movies that came before it. Oh sure, the idea of putting people into a situation where they start getting killed one by one as they try to find a way to save themselves from a mysterious danger is not new, and there are other horror movie clichés here too, but there is enough difference to separate this from other horror films.

Cube can strike one as both dumb and smart.

It is about a group of people stuck inside a deadly puzzle. The way the story is handled in terms of the puzzle progression and the "solutions" to the puzzle is pretty interesting. The way the characters develop is interesting.

However, the dialogue takes a dip in quality. It is not very original and just does not flow very well. It is horror movie writing, that is to say, not good.

Visually, the movie is most distinguishable. The whole thing takes place inside the cube puzzle, which looks remarkable and gives the film a most alien look. This must have been money saving as well, because all you really need is 2 cubes and a few colorful lamps to light them.

The film also uses some CGI, which is absolutely terrible most of the time, but was probably impressive when this movie first came out.

The cameraman has a tendency to use angled or angling close ups of people's faces, which in combination with the bulging eyes of the actor Maurice Dean Wint further contributes to the alien look that this film has.

I want to give this film a higher praise but some of the acting and the dialogue was irritating. It is however one of the better horror movies out there and definitely one of the more original looking ones.