copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

This is a teen horror movie so the only rule it has to follow is that everybody gets killed off, one or two at a time, by a scary monster.

The scary monster is given away in the title of the movie - it's a bacteria/virus. That was the first thing that was impressive, no matter how small. It always has to be about monsters, serial killers and other physical peekaboos. A teen horror flick with a virus is welcome change.

The group of teenagers brought in for the slaughter is a group of not very likable city college students coming over to a strange small local community. They behave erratically and panic when under pressure. This unlikability and reactionary behavior makes them realistic, even though the specific actions of those characters are not.

There is not that much happening in the movie and it could have done much more with the idea than it did, but the movie did creep me out - something a lot of horror movies fail to do.

Cabin Fever