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This is an awesome film.

I am not sure I will find many words to express this, but this film is really special and plays out in a manner I did not expect it to.

Contrary to almost every other World War II movie, there is an uncanny realism and variation to everything, especially the people.

This is probably because it is not a movie about the war or being in a prison camp, despite that being the background for it.

This movie is about the characters and what drives them. And to show that properly you get some superb acting.

I was a bit disappointed by the excessive use of the forever fake-looking day-for-night technique (though it was more day-for-dusk). It must have been a bane of movies back then like CGI is today. Other than that the movie looked pretty good.

Nice film, holds up well and so highly recommended.

The Bridge on the River Kwai