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There's not too much to say about this movie, as there isn't much going on about it. Navy SEALs are prepared for a mission inside the North Korea to resolve a nuclear crisis that's appearing on the horizon. During the drop, the mission gets aborted and several SEALs get stuck in the enemy territory. Things turn sour quickly, but before you know it, the forlorn have to save the world. The idea itself is nowhere near original, and only a good execution can save a plot like this, as it can go both ways. Let's see if it does.

As we go deeper into the plot of the movie, it quickly becomes apparent that the movie was meant to attract as many viewers as possible with lots of gunfire and shocking moments. That in mind, it's not surprising to see many small ridiculous moments, where anyone who gives it some thought would be shocked, but not in a good way. For instance there's a moment when a SEAL gives a gun to a clueless and tired Korean slave-laborer so he can also take part in a highly important operation (where stealth was of high importance). The laborer shoots himself, so at least the movie doesn't go as far as turning a laborer into a Rambo. Thanks for that. Moreover, common are firefights where both sides are meters away from each other and neither side seems to be able to eliminate the other, even with the hundreds of rounds they seem to have in each 30-round clip.

The acting is average and the best players got the side roles, in particular the Koreans. The main hero could've been a better choice than Nicholas Gonzalez. Interesting thing to notice is that no real bad guy is present in this movie.

The camera work is one thing that's noticeably professional. The camera seems to move around in every way physically possible, with a wide zooming range, using tricks like multiple layers (when you see zoomed-in content on a zoomed-out background).

The sound has been given some thought and the music ranges from exciting symphonic trips to soul-scratching folk singing. It fits relatively well so there's not much to say about it.

The movie survives thanks mainly to camera work, some actors and perhaps a large budget. It's an average action flick that can entertain if you have nothing better to do, but I wouldn't make it a central movie at a big event.

Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil