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I had to lie about my age to see this movie in a German movie theater when it first came out. After seeing this (and other movies like this one) I could for a long time not understand why I would not be allowed to see something like that, and now later in life I understand it...even less, because this Batman 3 is clearly a kids movie.

With vivid characters with wild expressionist acting this comic book coming to life made a strong impression on me. Add to it violence, a hot Nicole Kidman, Seal's and U2's two songs and I was sold. I loved the performance by Tommy Lee, because...well, it's Tommy Lee. Jim Carrey, walking proof that this is a kid's movie, is just being his crazy self; Nicole Kidman did what she does best - pitching tents; and Val Kilmer is the somewhat emotionless contrasting background to it all.

I see however, that for an adult, the over the top act full of dumb jokes and epileptic acting may be a little too much. This is twice the truth when compared to the two movies that preceded Batman Forever, which were substantially darker and more serious.

The special effects are not particularly spectacular and there is nothing else to hang your brain on. The sound effects are just as shallow and childish as the rest of it. More importantly, the film does not age well. You can see the first two Batmans today and they still give you food for thought, but this one fades into history to be dusted off only occasionally as a one-liner: "you know there was already a Batman 3 before." and nothing more. However it is good movie for your kids that put together an interesting combination of actors.

Batman Forever