copyright © Jedo Dre 2011

This is a very strange flick.

The first quarter or half of the movie is a trance induced war movie. A man gets recruited as a mercenary for a rescue job in Afghanistan. He is broke and has post war nightmares but agrees to put together a team for a mercenary job. They get to the location and…

The second half of the movie is where things get weird. In Afghanistan the team eventually encounters paranormal activity...and that is where the movie turns sour.

The camera work is not great, but it is OK. Some shots linger for longer than needed and some angles are questionable. However the desert where the film was shot is pretty and the Middle-Eastern feeling carries over. So I do not hate the general cinematography.

But the transition between scenes starts making less and less sense towards the 2nd half; the story starts making less and less sense; the dialogue and character's actions start making less and less sense until the movie turns into an episode of a sci-fi channel show that hardly makes any sense.

The acting is not bad but it becomes increasingly badly directed and written so everyone starts either over-acting or under-acting.

I think the viewers have been indoctrinated a little and expect a fast-paced logical and sensible movie with a particular structure and genre, while this movie kind of takes a left from the norm. This is the kind of movie you experience alone late at night in a state of partial trance, and after it is over you ask yourself what the hell you just experienced. The movie, despite the shortcomings, actually kept my interest until the end.

On the other hand the film does ultimately fail at what it tries to be. It starts out as a slow-cooker war movie but it goes down hill from there until it becomes a z-movie thriller.

Afghan Knights